Crazy Mixed Up World


November 1983

I wrote this song when I was in college and living in a student co-op.  All of us sat in the commons one night in November and watched the ABC movie “The Day After”. We all became so traumatized by the visions of a post nuclear war world, that I still remember the sounds of residents weeping in the darkness.  

The words are typical of the things I wrote while in college – simple goofy couplets that were influenced by the snark and irony of the New Wave bands I listened to at the time. This was one of the early songs in the set I composed entirely in GarageBand. It is mostly layers of electronic keyboards and drum machines. In the video, I include lot of photos of nuclear mushroom clouds from Los Alamos, because that’s what we were all afraid of that night.

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The words I wrote after seeing “The Day After”

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