The Minstrel


Key of G, Tempo 100

March 19, 1979

This was a song I wrote in the spring of 1979 after we moved from Germany to Texas. It expresses the joy and the solace I found in playing music at a time of immense change and trauma for me. After growing up on army bases and around army brats – kids who were very accepting of newcomers, since we were moving around all the time – I landed in College Station, a town that seemed much more cliquish and closed to me. Many of my classmates had parents who were associated with Texas A&M University, and I always felt they looked down on those of us who were not affiliated. My guitar brought me immense peace back then. I find that in 2022 and in my sixth decade, I still experience that joy and solace of music, although in very different ways.

In the video I include photos from various phases of my life, including the years I was a DJ performing for friends and family (and the occasional paid gig). In hindsight, I see a natural progression from young songwriting guitarist, to computer guy who dabbled as a DJ, to retired guy composing songs on a DAW (digital audio workbench). There is order to the universe my friends.

Music available on all major streaming and social platforms. Watch video below.