Havoc In My Blood


Key Em, Tempo 80


This is one of the later songs I recorded. It was built using the usual technique of playing the drums, bass, and riff in GarageBand, and then importing into Logic Pro X and embellishing with chopped and screwed loops from the extensive Apple library. The lyrics are from that intense late 70s hard rock period, when I was heavily into Led Zeppelin, Queen, Rush, etc. (This was the same period during which I composed “Destiny”, another proto-metal anthem). I was quite the head banger back then, and the mix on this song contains all those hard rock elements I really love – pounding drums, crunching guitar riffs, and a fiery solo at just the right time. Even though I’m far too old for spandex, I can feel it pressing against my skin as I listen to this one…

I had a relative tell me that with songs like this I’m like a Jim Steinman desperately looking for a Meat Loaf to bring his sound and lyrics to life. I think he is exactly right – the vocals on this do NOT match the Golden God screeching with flowing locks and bare chest that I hear in my head. Maybe one day I’ll find that singer and rerecord this… NOTE: It was Rolling Stone writer Cameron Crowe who referred to Robert Plant as a “Golden God” during Led Zeppelin’s zenith. The phrase became iconic during the scene in the movie “Almost Famous” where the fictional lead Russell Hammond singer of the fictional band Stillwater climbs up on a roof and yells, “I’m a Golden God” to the folks gathered below. Yeah, that’s the sound I’m looking for… Otherwise, I’m quite pleased with the way this one turned out. The guitar work and transitions are some of the best I’ve done. Enjoy!

2022 - Album - Photos - Journals - 12 - Song - Havoc in my Blood
The first appearance of the song that would become Havoc in My Blood

NOTE: This song was remixed and added to the Happiness is a Warm Guitar album in July of 2023.

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