Love is Like a Roller Coaster


Key of Fm, Tempo 132, 4/4

1980, College Station

This was the last song I mixed and recorded during that burst of creativity in the first half of 2022. I wanted to get to 33 songs, because, well, 33 has special significance in musical history, since the LP spins at 33 revolutions per minute, and I am a child of the 70s, the decade of the LP (aka, “album”).

The lyrics are three short verses of poetry from 1980 that were not written into song at the time. They are typical of the lovestruck fool I was at the time. The music came together in 2022 when I was watching some old video of Bollywood movies from the 1990s featuring the high-energy dancing of the incomparable Sunny Deol, a man who (according to a friend) taught a whole generation of Indian men to dance badly, but to do it with unbridled gusto. Inspired, I wanted to do another upbeat, horn-based dance track, similar to “Butter Boy“. The song stands on its own, but I really like the way it pairs with the dancers in the video. I like how during the line “You are crowned – you tremble – your face aglow”, you see the very bright face of Ms. Kapoor, expressing the inexpressible with just a smile and her flirtatious eyes (this is at the 1:46 mark). I’ve been a fan of Bollywood movies for many years because they are so sumptuous and unapologetically romantic, and this sequence is one of my favorites.

The dancers in the video are the incomparable Sunny Deol and Karishma Kapoor from the 1996 Bollywood film “Jeet”.

Music available on all major streaming and social platforms. Watch video below.