The Imperfect Country Song


Key of C, tempo 135

February 2022

This was the second song I wrote and recorded. I had gone to a New Years party, where I was around folks I hadn’t seen for two years as a result of the COVID lockdowns. I was speaking to one guy, and after asking the mandatory, “What have you been up to?”, he replied. “I got COVID the day my dog died…” I immediately thought to myself, “There’s a country song that needs to be written that has to start with that line…” Well, I worked on that song for months, tweaking the lyrics and the music, and recording the vocals over and over…and just never quite being satisfied with the results. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I consider this one of the few “stinkers” among the songs I have crafted (I will let you guess the others). It was my struggle with this song that led me to look back at the songs I wrote when I was younger, and to go down the path of polishing and recording them, versus trying to create all new songs entirely from scratch in 2022.

NOTE: This song was reimagined and remixed as “The Imperfect Texas Song” in July of 2023 for the Tales from Topographic Texas album.

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