They Call it Dope


Key of C, tempo 140


A song fragment I found from 1979 that I updated for the world of my retired life in 2022. The guitar riff is something that came out of the jam sessions my bother Tom and I used to play together, and the original lyrics came from a friend we referred to as “Wild Willy”. We all smoked a lot of weed back then, but when I joined corporate America it all came to an end because the company I worked for drug tested all employees and had a zero tolerance policy. Then, when I retired, I really did travel to Washington State to partake in legal weed, since I had been deprived of it for 35 years. Everything in the lyrics, including the cruise ship experience, is inspired by those early days of my retirement.

I’m pretty sure people of my generation – those who grew up in “Just say YES” but spent their careers working during “Just say NO” – can relate to the song, whether they admit it or not.

NOTE: This song was remixed and added to the Happiness is a Warm Guitar album in July of 2023.

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