The Year I Turned 60



From the Facebook post on 12/20/2022 –

…well, I needed to take a break from working on the soundtrack for the soon to be announced 2023 project, so I dusted off some grooves I had worked on for the music project this year, but never turned into a finished product because I didn’t have a good set of lyrics. That creative dam burst thanks to Colin Helton who suggested my annual year in review Christmas letter could be the source for multiple songs. Yes, this is merely a musical version of that letter with rhyming couplets, but hey, I think it works. The song is called “The Year I Turned 60”, and includes shout outs to Kid in a Vest, Maddie Ray Delrose, Barbara Ray Kremer, Shirtless Finn, Denise McGrath, Mark McGrath, Hanzi, Isabel Lovil, among so many others with whom we joyfully interacted this year. This one was done quickly (the last 24 hours) and has some rough edges, but hopefully it puts a smile on your face as 2022 comes to an end…



Listen (instrumental)