Today’s American Songbag

While in New Mexico this August for a few weeks to avoid the apocalyptic Texas summer heat, I went on a computer and television fast. During this time I read a lot, including a copy of Carl Sandburg’s The American Songbag, a collection of folks songs he published in 1927. I was struck by the rawness of the lyrics to these songs, and also how – almost a hundred years later – they still describe with great clarity the America we live in today. I took lot of notes on how to reimage these songs for our current age. When I got back to Texas (and my laptop) I began recording the tracks. This project began in late August of 2023, and who know when it will end? – there are 100s of songs in the book… For this specific project, I stopped at 8 songs that told the story of America today I wanted to tell. The American Devil introduced in the first song was a natural choice to be the narrator for the other songs. The artwork in the video is all generated by MidJourney and then edited and animated in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Music available on all the major streaming platforms. Watch individual videos below.

Individual Songs

Watch all songs with narration by the American Devil in the long form video below.

Today’s American Songbag – Full Video with narration by the American Devil