Closing on the Mind


Key Cm, Tempo 110


Full disclosure: I have no clue what this song is “about”. These types of lyrics would frequently be created on the fly during guitar jam sessions with my brother Tom back in the day. We’d play our guitars and I would scrawl words into my journal during the breaks.

The music has a more recent inspiration. For many years I enjoyed the Jazz Poets of San Antonio, who would combine free flowing poetry and jazz at local festivals, allowing folks to come up and read their poems while the band jammed in the background. This song intentionally has a bit of that vibe to it, including (if you listen hard for it), the obligatory beatnik snapping of the fingers. It’s probably one of the least conventional arrangements in the set.

2022 - Album - Photos - Journals - 06 - Song - Closing on the Mind
The version of the lyrics I used while recording in 2022, showing how often the songs would morph during the recording process

NOTE: This song was remixed in July of 2023 and added to the A Mad Strange Despair album.

Music available on all major streaming and social platforms. Watch video below.