Come Sail Away


Key of G, Tempo 115

Written Feb 2, 1979 / Updated Jan 26, 2022

This was the first song I wrote back in the day after I had found a used Mel Bay book of “jazz guitar chords”. The song has a repeating Gmaj7-Am7-Bm7 progression to it, straight from Chapter 1. I played and sang this song to myself for many, many years.

For this 2022 mix, I added a ton of embellishment from the Apple Logic loop library, probably a larger number of instruments and voices then anything else in the set. I went back into this mix more times then any other song I worked on, constantly trying to “get it right”. In the end I just punted and resigned myself to the final version. In the computer programming world, we had an expression, “Putting lipstick on a pig”, meaning wasting good code on a bad project, or something along those lines. This has a little of that feel to it, although there are some sections – like the instrumental passage between verse 2 and 3 – that I really like.

The lyrics came from February of 1979, and probably emerged during yet another jam session with my brother Tom. Despite generous doses of AutoTune, the vocals still don’t sound quite right; this is one of those songs where I really need to find a Meat Loaf to bail me out (see “Havoc In My Blood”).

Music available on all major streaming and social platforms. Watch video below.