Betty and the Bear


Key of C, Tempo 85

January 2022

This was song that started it all, the first one I wrote and recorded, and the foundation of all that followed. It is a genuine and heartfelt musical tribute to the late, great Betty White, focusing on her love of animals and featuring video of her feeding a bear at the LA Zoo (she was a big sponsor, and so they let her do things like that). My wife and I were watching a Netflix documentary on her around the time she died at the age of 99. As usual, I was dinking around with my iPad while watching the show. Instead of playing games like I usually do, I was dabbling in this thing called “Garageband” that was always installed on my Apple devices, but I never tried learning before. The song came together quickly using a few basic loops, and the process of creating it was so exhilarating that it started me down the path of writing and recording a total of 33 songs, and in time making the jump from Garageband to the much more complex and capable Logic, and its vast library of loops. So, you and I have the incomparable Betty White to thank for the musical journey I’ve been on…

2022 - Album - Photos - Journals - 18 - Song - Betty and the Bear
The deep and mysterious lyrics (ha!) to the song that started it all

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