Key of E, Tempo 112


The kernel of this is based on a poem called “Brother” written in February of 1979, describing the complicated relationship I’ve always had with my brother Tom. The father and son lyrics were written in March of 2022, as I realized that my relationship with my biological father and my son were also very complicated. Unlike the awe and admiration I express in the song “Women”, this song is darker and expresses the more troubling feelings that flow through the relationships I’ve had with the men in my life. Channeling the spirit of John Lennon’s great and painful song “Mother”, writing and recording this song was truly musical therapy for me.

This was another song composed entirely in Logic. My father had planned his funeral down to the minute before he passed, and included a bagpiper playing “Amazing Grace” as he walked into the distance during the ceremony. So, I had to include a line about it, and include the sound of a bagpipe during the intro and outro. I think it is a fitting tribute.

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