The Early Stuff

“Conversations with my teenage self…”

– Peter Ray, 1976-1984

These were the songs I wrote largely when I was in high school and college. I recorded them in the year I turned 60. Since no recordings existed of the original songs, I had to guess at what my intentions were at the time they were written. It truly was a conversation with my teenage self, because I learned a lot about who I was back then by reading the journals these songs were in – maybe too much…

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01The Girl With the Ruby Lips
02Butter Boy
03Crazy Mixed Up World
04The Velvet Midnight
05Onward and Onward
06Closing on the Mind
07Requiem for a Fly
09Reflections on a Dinner Conversation One Silent Friday Night
10The Minstrel
12I Went to See the President
13Come Sail Away
14Chasing Those Dreams With You
15My Mom, the PhD
16Why Do We Abandon the Old People

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